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Cancoil manufactures ARI Certified Heating and Cooling Coils for the air-handler and replacement markets. All coils feature copper tubes mechanically expanded into aluminum fins.

Type 4 Water and DX coils are available with 1/2" diameter tubes; Type 5 Water and DX coils feature 5/8" diameter tubes. Coil sizes range through 12 rows and 300+ inches in length. Copper tubes are available in thickness through .035". Optional fin materials include copper and pre-coated aluminum. Casing materials include galvanized steel, copper and stainless steel. A variety of header designs and casing designs are available.

Coil coatings are available from several third party suppliers.

In addition, non- ARI certified coils are available for use in a variety of applications including medium and low temperature refrigeration, air cooled condensers, heat reclaim (full and partial condensing), fluid cooling, CO2, compressed air cooling, oil cooling and specialized heat transfer fluids.

Computerized design assures proper fit and full performance in all applications. As our company continues to grow our technologies continue to expand. Please contact one of our application engineers for further assistance.

Evaporator DX Coil Installation Operation and Maintenance - Bulletin DXO&I-001

Fluid Coil Installation Operation and Maintenance - Bulletin FCO&I-001

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