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OEM Finned Tube Heat Exchangers - "Coils"

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Cancoil manufactures custom finned tube heat exchange coils for the original equipment market.  These coils are available with 5/16", 3/8", 1/2" and 5/8" diameter tubing with a variety of fin patterns.

Applications include DX evaporators, condensers, "A" coils, low temperature coils with heater slots, compressed air cooling, fluid cooling, hot water, chilled water, and many more.

Using proprietary software, we can rate our coils with virtually any tube-side fluid, including volatile refrigerants, and CO2.  Our coils are designed and manufactured to the same demanding standards as those we use in our own equipment and are UL/CSA listed.

The image below lists some of our manufacturing capabilities.  As our company continues to grow our technologies continue to expand. If your product requirements are outside the ranges listed below, please contact one of our application engineers for further assistance.

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